How does it work? / How can it help me?

I work from an integrated perspective where I seek to be genuinely warm, non-judgemental and understanding. Supporting people who wish to explore the difficulties that they experience in life. Working face-to-face employing a range of techniques to suit your circumstances. Supporting you during the process of change. The end result leaving you better equipped to cope for the future. I believe that each of us has within us the capacity to discover means of negotiating ourselves through life in ways that work best for ourselves. I act as a facilitator while people explore their issues and discover more about them. I am very aware of the connections between mind, body and spirit and I am open to exploring issues that relate to all of these aspects of the person.

How does it work? How can it help me?

When a person comes for counselling, they are usually experiencing some level of distress. It is my intention to help them to alleviate that distress by providing an environment in which they feel able to talk, feel listened to and understood. I usually see people once a week for a 50-minute session the number of sessions would be determined at our initial session and reviewed again in six weeks.

I consider the first session to be exploratory so that we can decide on whether or not to enter into a period of counselling. Counselling is confidential and I work with the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.I can provide long or short term counselling this would be negotiated with you at our first session we would also set up a contract discussing confidentiality, fees, agreed weekly session, cancellations and adhere to the ethical standards of the BACP, which would be explained in detail.